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Chapter 11 Verse 39 of 54

| | वायुर् यमॊ ग्निर् वरुणः शशान्́कः | प्रजापतिस् त्वम्́ प्रपितामहश् च | नमॊ नमस् तॆ स्तु सहस्र-क्ड़्त्वः | पुनश् च भूयॊ पि नमॊ नमस् तॆ | |


You are air, and You are the supreme controller! You are fire, You are water, and You are the moon! You are Brahmā, the first living creature, and You are the great-grandfather. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You a thousand times, and again and yet again!