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Chapter 11 Verse 23 of 54

| | रूपम्́ महत् तॆ बहु-वक्त्र-नॆत्रम्́ | महा-बाहॊ बहु-बाहूरु-पादम् | बहूदरम्́ बहु-दम्́ष्ट्रा-करालम्́ | द्ड़्ष्ट्वा लॊकाः प्रव्यथितास् तथाहम् | |


O mighty-armed one, all the planets with their demigods are disturbed at seeing Your great form, with its many faces, eyes, arms, thighs, legs, and bellies and Your many terrible teeth; and as they are disturbed, so am I.