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Chapter 11 Verse 37 of 54

| | कस्माच् च तॆ न नमॆरन् महात्मन् | गरीयसॆ ब्रह्मणॊ प्य् आदि-कर्त्रॆ | अनंत दॆवॆश जगन्-निवास | त्वम् अक्षरम्́ सद्-असत् तत् परम्́ यत् | |


O great one, greater even than Brahmā, You are the original creator. Why then should they not offer their respectful obeisances unto You? O limitless one, God of gods, refuge of the universe! You are the invincible source, the cause of all causes, transcendental to this material manifestation.