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Chapter 11 Verse 44 of 54

| | तस्मात् प्रणम्य प्रणिधाय कायम्́ | प्रसादयॆ त्वाम् अहम् ईशम् ईड्यम् | पितॆव पुत्रस्य सखॆव सख्युः | प्रियः प्रियायार्हसि दॆव सॊढुम् | |


You are the Supreme Lord, to be worshiped by every living being. Thus I fall down to offer You my respectful obeisances and ask Your mercy. As a father tolerates the impudence of his son, or a friend tolerates the impertinence of a friend, or a wife tolerates the familiarity of her partner, please tolerate the wrongs I may have done You.