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Chapter 4 Verse 29 of 43

| | अपानॆ जुह्वति प्राणम्́ | प्राणॆ पानम्́ तथापरॆ | प्राणापान-गती रुढ्वा | प्राणायाम-परायणाः | अपरॆ नियताहाराः | प्राणान् प्राणॆषु जुह्वति | |


Still others, who are inclined to the process of breath restraint to remain in trance, practice by offering the movement of the outgoing breath into the incoming, and the incoming breath into the outgoing, and thus at last remain in trance, stopping all breathing. Others, curtailing the eating process, offer the outgoing breath into itself as a sacrifice.