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Chapter 9 Verse 21 of 33

| | तॆ तम्́ भुक्त्वा स्वर्ग-लॊकम्́ विशालम्́ | क्षीणॆ पुण्यॆ मर्त्य-लॊकम्́ विशंति | ऎवम्́ त्रयी-धर्मम् अनुप्रपन्ना | गतागतम्́ काम-कामा लभंतॆ | |


When they have thus enjoyed vast heavenly sense pleasure and the results of their pious activities are exhausted, they return to this mortal planet again. Thus those who seek sense enjoyment by adhering to the principles of the three Vedas achieve only repeated birth and death.